REDUCTIA has the most advanced technology to develop and design everything you need in the aviation and space sector

  • The development and optimization of tools, tooling systems and machines in the aerospace sector has been for many years our main core in our company.

  • REDCUTIA can develop designs from the conceptual phase, giving support in all phases of the process until reaching the final design in the manufacture of any type of tools and moulds, assembly lines and machines.

  • REDUCTIA will give support during all the different phases of the design process in order to complete the integral development, helping or developing in coordination with the evolution of the design, and even in its optimization in all the stages and milestones fixed by the client.

  • REDUCTIA is a company with extensive experience and prestige in the aeronautical and aerospace sector, having the highest technologies necessary to be applied in the development and design of tools, tooling systems and machines in the aeronautical and space sector.

Aeronautical Sector: CATIA V5, UNIGRAPHICS NX.



REDUCTIA develops at the highest level of engineering, in order to develop the best solutions for the Aeronautical and Space market.

  • Our team of engineers work daily with the most advanced technology in the market, developing the solutions most adapted to the customer and their needs through the programs CATIA, UNIGRAPHICS NX, and some more specific.
  • In the same way, we simulate the verification of our concepts through the calculation of finite elements, FEM or PAM -RTM, which combined with our knowhow and our expertise make us a unique partner for any type of solution also at the level of design of assembly lines, moulds, templates in the aeronautical sector.


Assembly everywhere

  • Reductia covers all phases necessary to carry out all the projects, whatever the location of the final client: Europe, Asia, USA, Africa
  • Engineers, Machinists, Electricians, Pneumatic and Hydraulics specialists form part of REDUCTIA, and all together give service to the needs.

Services rendered by REDUCTIA are:
  • Design, Material procurement, Welding, Stress Relief
  • Machining
  • Polishing and Adjustment
  • Verification
  • Final Assembly at the customer´s facilities

Production & Manufacturing

REDUCTIA is synonimun of Hight quality and innovation in the production and manufacturing moulds, tools, assembly lines and templates in the aeroespace sector.

  • Due to the high and innovative production and manufacturing capacity, REDUCTIA has an Area specifically conditioned for Tooling Assembly and Setting-up.
  • We count with Specialist teams for individual technologies:
Polishing, Adjustment, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Automation, etc, and its Set-up Teams covering all phases needed until the Installation at customer´s facilities.
  • Specialists in mechanical, adjustments, electricity, pneumatic and hydraulic form part of REDUCTIA group.
  • REDUCTIA bases its work on the End-user Training and Support throughout Product Life-cycle.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

REDUCTIA is certificated in ISO 9100 and 9001 certified quality system

  • ISO 9100 and 9001 Certified Quality System
  • REDUCTIA has High-precision tactile and optical 3D-measurement technologies available for this purpose
  • Department of Quality Control with qualified personnel and means (CMM, Laser Tracker, Surface Control tools, etc.) available to perform any Inspection or Verification common to Curing Tools
  • Level 2 Certified Quality Workforce for Non-destructive Testing (Penetrating Liquid, Magnetic Particles)
  • Vacum Test (air, helium)
  • Mastery of AIRBUS, EMBRAER, BOMBARDIER particular Norms and Procedures
  • Required ISO 9000 Certification from Subcontractors as well as Continuous Audits and Follow-up carried out by REDUCTIA Quality Staff

Project Management

REDUCTIA establishes a specific project manager for each special project.

  • Our project managers will take you through the whole process of your project providing solutions and a high added value
  • Their wide experience makes to increase the value of REDUCTIA in the aeronautical sector.
  • The Comunication will be established using a unique point of contact during all the project, being the same person for the technical and commercial phase.
The main fuctions, from the beginning to the final delivery, of the Project Manager will be:
  • Management and coordination of the evolution of the project
  • Optimization and achievement of all the stages and milestones as well as the communication with customer for the follow-up and control up to the final delivery at the costumer´s facilities.


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