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Together we will go further

Tailor-made and turnkey solutions for aeronautical business

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Welcome to REDUCTIA Aerospace, your partner for tooling systems and automated solutions in the aerospace industry.

We have been working together to give you OUR BEST solution since 2008.

Currently, more than 450 employees, about 70,000 square meters of production area and a large fleet of machinery of the highest technical level, make REDUCTIA Aerospace your perfect partner.

Assembly Lines

REDUCTIA Aerospace is a benchmark in the aerospace market due to its extensive experience in the development of ASSEMBLY LINES and all types of Moulds.

We cover the engineering, development and manufacture of moulds with dimensions up to 25 meters long and 5 meters wide.

MACHINES & AUTOMATED SOLUTIONS have been developed as the key piece in the increase of productivity and industrialization of the Aerospace sector, and REDUCTIA Aerospace is part of this development with its products.


Hot forming Machines and any type of automated solution for Aerospace Market can be provided by REDUCTIA.


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